Election board fines Craig campaign for fundraising violation

The campaign committees of Harford County Executive David R. Craig and running mate Del. Jeannie Haddaway have each paid fines of $1,000 for violating a law prohibiting fundraising during the 90-day General Assembly session, according to the State Board of Elections.

Jared DeMarinis, the board official in charge of election law compliance, said the Craig-Haddaway campaign for the Republican nomination for governor sent out a fundraising solicitation one or two days after the session started in January with the combined campaign logo and Haddaway's picture on it.

As a county official, Craig is free to seek donations during the session. Haddaway, as a state delegate from the Eastern Shore, is not.

DeMarinis said the board determined that the ticket should have known how to comply with the law but did not intentionally break it. He said the violation of the session ban on fundraising was the first the board had found in at least a decade.

Craig and Haddaway were also required to return a contribution they received in response to the solicitation.

Craig said Friday the campaign failed to remove a donation link from a policy-related newsletter it sent out. He said the campaign reported the matter to the board itself in the course of checking to see whether it had acted properly.

The candidate said Haddaway has been allowed to participate in the campaign's fundraising since Feb. 21, when the ticket filed for public financing.


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