Second stun gun seized at BWI in a week

Security officers on Friday confiscated a stun gun from a passenger's carry-on baggage at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, the second such incident in less than a week, the Transportation Security Administration said Monday.

Lanesha Riona Williams, 20, was allowed to board her flight to Atlanta as scheduled after the black weapon was discovered by TSA screeners and she was issued a criminal citation, said First. Sgt. Jonathan Green, a Maryland Transportation Authority spokesman.

The TSA said Williams lives in Kennesaw, Ga., while Green said she had a Washington, D.C., address on her identification.

The incident follows a similar one on Sept. 17, when a 56-year-old Puerto Rican woman was issued a similar citation after a pink stun gun and a small knife were found in her carry-on luggage.

The TSA reminded those taking flights that such weapons are never allowed in carry-on luggage, though they are allowed in checked luggage.

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