Inquiry into boat crash involving Dwyer expected in October

A second month will pass before authorities complete the inquiry into the boat collision involving an admittedly drunken state delegate and a vessel carrying children.

"Charges will definitely be filed," Sgt. Brian Albert, spokesman for Natural Resources Police, said Tuesday. "First, we have to determine who was the at-fault vessel."

Del. Donald H. Dwyer admitted the day after the Aug. 22 crash that he had a blood alcohol level of 0.2 percent after his boat, The Legislator, collided with another boat carrying two adults and five children on the Magothy River. The crash sent Dwyer, another adult and four children to the hospital.

A witness on 911 recordings said Dwyer's boat appeared to have been traveling "at full throttle" when the accident occurred. The Pasadena waterway does not have speed limits on weeknights.

Albert said investigators are still collecting official witness statements, with which they will determine which boat caused the accident. He said he doesn't expect that process to be completed until late October.

Albert said the state crime lab has not completed the toxicology screen on either boat driver. But if results confirm Dwyer's news conference announcement about his blood-alcohol level, Albert said, Dwyer will be charged with operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol regardless of who caused the accident.

A Dwyer aide said last month that the delegate learned his blood-alcohol level, which was more than twice the legal limit, from hospital staff.

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