Document thief's bail reduced after guilty plea

Jason Savedoff's bail was reduced and his travel restrictions were eased after he pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court this week to conspiracy and theft of major art, according to a court order made public Friday.

Savedoff, 24, was indicted in July along with Barry Landau, 63, on charges that they stole dozens of historic documents worth more than $1 million from museums along the East Coast, including the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore. Landau is still awaiting trial, but Savedoff pleaded guilty Thursday. He faces a maximum of 15 years in prison at his sentencing, scheduled for Feb. 10.

According to a court order signed after his plea, but filed Friday, Savedoff's bond has been reduced from $250,000 to $150,000, with the difference to be paid to his mother, Antonia Schang, who has acted as her son's custodian during the court proceedings.

The order said Savedoff can also live with his father, Charles Savedoff, or an unidentified woman named Jill Franklin. His travel and residences are restricted to Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia.

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