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Readers respond to special report on Maryland's lynching past

In a special report last month, we examined the history and legacy of lynching in Maryland, and talked to members of a growing movement to acknowledge and reconcile this dark chapter.

Within the article and on social media, we invited readers to share their reactions. Here’s what they had to say:

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Searching for justice and reconciliation

This is a necessary project that needs done and I am grateful for Bryan Stevenson for the memorial and museum he had built. I visited it last month and it is amazing and heart wrenching at the same time. I hope each of the counties that have a column at the memorial send someone to get it and bring it to MD and set up a memorial here. — Sandy Laubenheimer, Reisterstown

I am not surprised by the story at all. Many in Maryland are in complete denial of the state's lynching past and the fact that Maryland is in the South. As such, we are living in a sea of ignorance that has allowed black people to be treated as inhuman to this very moment. I hope that shedding light on these human rights atrocities helps us heal and provides some way we can reconcile. Also, there needs to be some sort of justice for the families of these victims. We need investigations into these matters and I think these families are owed some sort of restitution for these egregious crimes committed against their loved ones. — Merrick Moses, Baltimore

An opportunity for discussion

Such a stain on the history of Maryland, a stain that will never fade until we can talk openly about these brutal murders. — Duane Johnson, Randallstown, MD

Thank you so much for your compassionate reporting on the history of lynching of Maryland, and bringing these hidden stories back into the light, particularly the story of Townsend Cook. Since May, I have reached out three times to the commissioners of Carroll County, asking them to look into ways to memorialize Townsend Cook and make sure this part of our history is remembered. I have received no response at all. I hope that your reporting will help spur more conversations in our communities, and encourage people to look for ways to make our future better than our past. — Amanda McGuire, Westminster

If the Baltimore Sun thinks it is necessary to post this for historical reasons is a learning experience, of past. A dark time in the state’s history. This should not be an attempt to divide us but, to understand that we "all" need to come together. — Dennis Gilpin, Middle River

Focusing on past instead of present

Bigotry is wrong, but in the same week that Baltimore is listed as one of the most violent cities in the U.S., wouldn't it be better to have an article that focuses on what Baltimore is doing to resolve current issues? — Concerned Reader, Arlington

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