Maryland residents facing June deadline to update driver's license now have a little more time

The Motor Vehicle Administration has extended the deadline for some Marylanders who need to file proper identification and residency documents with the agency in order to avoid having their licenses recalled.

Those previously facing a June deadline now have until July 3 to get the proper documents on file with MVA to acquire a federally compliant REAL ID. It is the first in a series of staggered deadlines the MVA is setting for drivers with updated licenses but outdated or insufficient paperwork.


The deadline extension will accommodate the almost 39,000 Marylanders who still haven’t provided the proper documents since the change was announced last month, said Adrienne Diaczok, an MVA spokeswoman.

“We wanted to give everyone the best possible chance to make those appointments [with MVA],” Diaczok said.

The REAL ID federal regulation, passed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, standardizes identification requirements for state licenses and identification cards.

The law requires all 50 states to have certain documents, which prove a person’s age, identity, Social Security number and state residency, on file for identity verification purposes.

The state began issuing REAL ID licenses with a Maryland-flag theme in 2016, but many of those licenses may not be compliant with the law’s requirements. That's because the Department of Homeland Security changed the standard requirements for identity verification in 2017, according to the MVA.

The July deadline excludes Marylanders who have the blue-and-white, non-REAL ID compliant licenses. These people are able to use their licenses until they expire. However, they won’t be able to use such licenses to enter federal buildings or pass through airport security after Oct. 1, 2020.

Baltimore Sun reporter Colin Campbell contributed to this article.