Ridgely Middle on alert status Monday afternoon

Ridgely Middle School in Lutherville went on a short alert status Monday afternoon as police responded to a fight in the neighborhood, police said.

Police spokeswoman Julia Hardgrove said the alert which began at 1:36 p.m. lasted about five minutes.

Police were responding to a fight in the unit block of Dunwich Road, Hardgrove said. One of the people in that fight yelled that he had a gun, but Hardgrove said there was no gun.

One of the people in that fight, Hardgrove said, was found on school property and arrested. She said he was an adult and was not related to the school, but had no further information.

Though Hardgrove said the school was on alert status, a letter sent to parents from the school, forwarded to a reporter by school system spokesman Brandon Oland, said that the school was on lockdown.

Alert status is different from a lockdown in that during an alert status, the outside doors are locked, but students and staff can still move around on the inside of the building.

Hardgrove said the incident was not out of the ordinary – that schools often go on alert status when there is crime in the neighborhood.

“And young people fighting,” Hardgrove said, “That’s not unusual either.”

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