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Pair gets Blankets of Love Tour underway again [Rodgers Forge]

First you take the chicken ... Quick! Name that beloved world-famous French-cuisine chef! If you guessed Emeril, try again. Right! Julia Child. So why are you reading about Julia Child? Because behind every successful woman is the potential to inspire other women, both young and, well, those who may be a bit more seasoned.

Erin Hagar, Regester Avenue, is inspired to write children's books. And her newest book is all about Julia Child. Available for preorder on Amazon and published by duopress, "Julia Child: An Extraordinary Life in Words and Pictures," is the first in a series of biographies for young adult readers (ages 9-12) that aims to "combine traditional text with illustrated sequences depicting important moments in the person's life," Erin said. After considering all the most popular chefs of today, Erin thought, "Why not introduce today's children to the person who inspired the current popularity of television cooking shows and how, up until recently?"

Erin is putting her master's degree in writing for children to good use. In addition to her biography of Julia Child, she has a picture book coming out next year entitled, "Doing Her Bit: A Story of the Woman's Land Army."

"It's about a group of 'Rosie-the-Riveter' types during World War I, but on farms." And what do her children, Hannah, 11, and Gordie, 9, both students at Rodgers Forge Elementary School think of the idea of writing books? "They're a huge help to me, in terms of ideas and helping me determine if something I've written sounds 'right' for their age group and reading level." As for the latest book about Julia Child, "They both love to cook, so this was a fun book to share with them."

And if two books weren't enough, she is also writing a novel for teens as well as a series for younger readers that will be set in a close-knit neighborhood similar to Rodgers Forge. She's hoping to have two of the books finished this year. Support a local resident in accomplishing her dreams. Good luck, Erin!

On Jan. 5, one year to the day since they started their outreach efforts, Rob Williams and John Falconer have started their Blankets Of Love Tour (BOLT). Through the generosity of neighbors from all over Rodgers Forge, Rob and John collected blankets, coats, gloves, hats, hand warmers, clothing, boots and gift cards to local stores and handed them out to homeless people around Towson during the record-breaking, freezing temperatures. Can you imagine sleeping outside in the below-zero temps of last week? The best part of their charitable efforts is that the donations go directly to those in our community who need assistance. No administrative costs, no overhead. Just the giant hearts of two men who want to make a positive impact in their community. Thank you, Rob and John. Your efforts can teach us all a thing or two about one person can make a big difference.

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