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Students ready to solve 'The Mystery of the Phone Booth' [Rodgers Forge]

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Once again, Rodgers Forge Elementary School has created a one-of-a-kind elementary school sensation.

On Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6, fourth and fifth graders will perform their little hearts out in "The Mystery of the Phone Booth," an original musical written and directed by school nurse, Gail Shapira. Her commitment to the students is inspiring; any student who auditions gets a part in the show!

"The Mystery of the Phone Booth" is sort of like Scooby-Doo meets Doctor Who. A group of super sleuth kids find an abandoned phone booth in the woods and discover that it's actually a time machine that will take them on some amazing adventures. The phone booth is an absolutely amazing prop!

The choreography was designed by school counselor, Lisa Ludwig, and the step-ball-chains are near perfection. The cast has been working hard to learn its lines, dances and lyrics. During spring break, students painted sets that were designed by fifth graders, while fourth graders collected props —all guided by parent Will Morton, of Dunkirk Road.

While many parents and former Rodgers Forge students-turned middle schoolers have volunteered their time and efforts assisting every week with character development, acting skills and filling in for those who were absent, parent volunteer Liesl Bolin, of Murdock Road, has been running the ship with passion and efficiency.

"Liesl has been the most important person with regard to organizing [and] managing everything related to this show," Ms. Shapira said. Katy Annis, of Dunkirk Road, assisted Liesl at each rehearsal, helping with lines, keeping the actors focused, encouraging students. and learning the elements of production so she can step in to Liesl's shoes next year. It's going to be a great show and I can't wait to see the many actors perform the parts they've all worked so tirelessly to learn.

Good luck kids…or rather, Break a Leg!

Mr. Bill Sinton, a cafeteria helper at Rodgers Forge Elementary, turned 60 April 27. Students made cards and posters for him and sang happy birthday to him during lunch. Wish him well as he will be competing in swimming in the Special Olympics again this year! Happy Birthday, Mr. Bill. And good luck!

Nearly 100 people have reserved seats for an English-language production of the absurd, hilarious Jara Cimrman (sounds like Zimmerman) theater. The play, called "The Stand In," debuted at Cathedral of Mary our Queen on April 28 and was coordinated from overseas by Baltimore's Czech and Slovak Heritage Association board member, Olga Mendel, of Lanark Road.

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