Let's negotiate on Towson U. softball fields plan [Letter]

In Monday night's meeting as reported by the Towson Times, frustrated and angry Rodgers Forge residents turned out to hear what Towson University had to say about their softball field plans. As a 25-year Rodgers Forge resident, I and the room full of other residents heard them. Loud and clear.

Unfortunately, Towson University still appears unable (unwilling?) to hear the residents' concerns and to act in a manner that shows respect for the lifestyle and property values of its closest neighbor and would/should/could-be ally.

Rodgers Forge residents were unanimous in wanting a commitment that Towson University will not put conduits in place now for future lighting purposes.

Unfortunately, Towson University's reputation precedes this issue and several specific instances of Towson University's history of not fulfilling its commitments were brought up multiple times.

Rodgers Forge residents offered suggestions to work through this collegially. Towson University continuously cited their timeline to be ready for softball season 2015.

Do we really want this well-regarded and enviable neighborhood — "The gateway to Towson"— for 65 years that 1,700 households call home to become de-stabilized? Demoralized? Fed up with Towson University and its elected leaders?

During the meeting, the representatives from the university focused on their timeline, their budget and their goals for future athletic acclaim leading others to conclude they care only about becoming another College Park.

If the community becomes "the gateway to Towson University" who will pay the price?

County Executive Kamenetz has already thrown his Towson constituents under the bus via an email from his office that stated that since "The County Executive understands the communities concerns, but has no role in the University's plans nor oversight that could impact the outcome." Really?

Come on, Towson University, let's play ball! We need to work together and come to a solution that is in everyone's best interest — long after softball season 2015 is over.

Debra Mitchell

Rodgers Forge

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