Thanks to Councilman Marks for making Dumbarton renovations a priority [Letter]

The advocacy group Dumbarton United has been working with the school board and County Councilman David Marks to bring air conditioning and much needed renovations to Dumbarton Middle School. Councilman Marks met with me last May when I became president of the PTSA and pledged to do whatever was needed to improve our school.

I received a phone call from David Marks on April 15 and I am very pleased to announce that County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has introduced a budget which includes the funding for Dumbarton's renovation, including air conditioning.

On behalf of the PTSA, I would like to thank the county executive, Mr. Kamenetz, and especially Councilman David Marks, for making Dumbarton Middle School a top priority. David Marks championed Dumbarton Middle School and has been a true ally for Towson schools. It has been wonderful to work with a public official who really cares about our children and makes education a priority. I am very grateful to him and to the county executive for hearing and responding to our plea for a better environment for our students.

I would also like to thank the volunteers who worked with me on the Board of Dumbarton United for making this goal a reality in a relatively short period of time. For all parents who wrote letters, signed petitions, and attended meetings, thank you so much.

We are also very grateful for the support of Principal Kelly Erdman, Assistant Principal Charles Bolger and Assistant Principal Judy Seniura for allowing our group the freedom to advocate on behalf of Dumbarton, a school of excellence.

Cheri Bond Pegues, president PTSA

Dumbarton Middle School

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