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Towson University wraps up hate crime investigation

Towson University said Wednesday that it has concluded an investigation into an alleged hate crime by and against students off campus last month, but are not disclosing the results of the investigation.

“While federal law restricts TU from disclosing the results of that investigation, the university has and will continue to hold students accountable to the Towson University Code of Student Conduct,” said the statement emailed by university spokesman Sean Welsh. “Towson University does not tolerate acts of hatred and bias, racism or discrimination of any kind on our campus or by members of the TU community.”

Welsh said the university is not allowed to disclose the results because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, which protects student records.

“We will add, however, that both the administration and the victims believe the process has yielded a fair result,” he said.

Two students, both members of Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, told police that they were walking to a house near campus at 2:12 a.m. April 29 when two assailants, also students, followed them, shouting “F--- the Jews” and calling them an ethnic slur. The assailants, the report said, then followed the victims to the front of the house and began to punch one in the face.

The suspects appeared intoxicated, the report said. Police know the identities of both assailants, but the Baltimore Sun Media Group is not publishing their identities because they have not been charged.

The victims have not pressed charges against the assailants. Police spokeswoman Officer Jennifer Peach said in April that because the incident was a second-degree assault, the assailants cannot be prosecuted unless victims choose to press charges – they have a year from the date of the incident to make that decision, Peach said.

A reporter attempted to contact one of the victims, who did not respond to a request for comment.

Welsh said in April that if the university determined the suspects were responsible, they could face sanctions “up to and including suspension or expulsion.”

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