Two additional vandalism incidents reported in Greenbrier

Following a string of vandalism on the evening of Jan. 1 that left car tires slashed and windows broken, two additional cases of damage to cars have been reported a week later in Towson’s Greenbrier neighborhood.

Greenbrier Community Association President Kyra Vocci said two residents reported damage to their vehicles on Monday. Vocci said sometime between Jan. 7 and 8, one car had a rock thrown through the windshield while another was broken into and tools side of the second car were stolen from inside.

“This type of vandalism is next level and our neighbors are frustrated and disgusted with such atrocious behavior,” Vocci said. “We're nervous about what could happen next.”

In response to neighborhood complaints, Baltimore County Police will step up patrols in the neighborhood, according to Towson Precinct 6 commander Capt. Jan Brown.

Brown confirmed the incidents in a Jan. 9 email but said he could not give specifics on the department’s methods to catch who is behind them.

Five Greenbrier residents reported damage to their cars last week. Two residents had their windshields or rear windows smashed with a rock or brick while parked on Stevenson Lane the night of Jan. 1 to Jan. 2, while three others had their car tires slashed while the vehicles were parked on Brook Road.

A series of package thefts were also reported in the neighborhood around the same time as the initial incidents of vandalism, Brown said. Police have a description of the package thief but have not identified a suspect regarding the car vandalism, he said.

“I assure you we are taking this very seriously,” Brown wrote in the email. “You will see more marked targeted patrols and also other things may not see.”

Anyone who sees a suspicious person or vehicle in the neighborhood is asked to call 911, he added.

“We want these perpetrators apprehended as much as you do,” Brown said.

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