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Food Truck Wednesdays a bust in Timonium, closed after less than two months

After less than two months in operation, the weekly Food Truck Wednesdays event at the Red Lion Hotel in Timonium has come to an end.

Chad Houck, owner of H2 Markets, which runs the events, said the gathering of food trucks in the hotel parking lot was not attracting enough customers to be financially sustainable.

Ten trucks, Houck said, can feed more than 1,000 people in an evening – but only about 200 people were showing up each week.

“The folks that were coming were having a great time, getting wonderful food and enjoying it,” Houck said. “But the trucks will only put up with so many weeks of not earning enough money to pay their people and break even.”

After opening the event April 4, the company announced the closure in May.

Houck guessed that the location did not gain traction because it did not have enough visibility from York Road, and because Timonium has so many other dining options.

The company also closed down a Food Truck Tuesdays event in Glen Burnie, Houck said. There are have four similar remaining events: One on Tuesdays in Severn, one on Wednesdays in Arbutus and two on Thursdays in Middle River and Odenton.

If a location with the right characteristics – plenty of parking, visibility and a space for diners to sit indoors – showed up in the Towson, Parkville or Timonium, Houck said he would consider coming back to the area. Closing down the event, he said, was a disappointment.

“It was a difficult decision that none of us were expecting to have to make,” Houck said. “But it’s the right decision.”

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