Towson students make art and then devour it

Towson High School senior Caron Schroeter was ready to put on her 1920s-style flapper dress made of cherry Pull N' Peel Twizzlers. 

She opted not to, thinking it may be odd to have classmates and others pulling the pieces off of her dress at the end of the night. 

Schroeter and her partner, senior Mary Kallab, were two of the entrants in Tuesday night's 20th annual Edible Art Exhibit, featuring dozens of scrumptious sculptures made by students. 

Some of the others included a dinosaur cake, a Super Mario set, a mini pool of multi-colored Jell-O, a building made of toast and a piano made of cake and covered in icing. 

"It's very exciting because the kids get to work with anything edible and sculpt, really, anything from their imaginations," said Towson High art teacher Caryn Martin.

This year's theme was "Decadent decades," which encouraged students to pick a decade or time period as a focus for their edible art. 

And, of course, at the end of the night, it was a free-for-all art feast. 

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