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Easter Vigil

The Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday, the night before Easter Sunday. In the Catholic Church--and here at Church of the Immaculate Conception --the Mass began with the "Lighting of the new fire," signifying Christ as the Light of the world. The Mass began outside a fire pit where the fire is lit, prayers and then candles are lit from the fire, carried into the church and one by one. Candles are lit from one congregant to the next. The candles on the altar are lit and when all are lit, the lights were turned with the sound of trumpets in a joyful celebration of the risen Lord. Adults, converting to the Catholic faith, were baptized, confirmed or both. Celebrants of the Mass were the pastor, the Rev. Joseph Barr, associate pastor, the Rev. Francis Ouma and Monsignor Richard Tillman, the priest in residence.

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