Rollingwood, Five Oaks and Wynnewood fall in swim meets

The Rollingwood Seals dropped another close decision in a swim meet as they fell to Bolton Hill, 246-237, on July 14.

Noelle Saxton, Rahul Shahani and Nate Pitroff were triple winners and Claire Mays, Samantha Randell and Elizabeth Perry were double winners for the Seals.


6-and-under-girls: Brynn Hess-Sparrow 1st free, 3rd back; Faith Sendldorfer 1st back.

6-and-under-boys: Ben Acker 2nd back, 3rd free; Eric Balbier 3rd back; Noah Southern 2nd free.

8-and-under-girls: Julia Acker 2nd free; Mimi Deoliveira 2nd back, fly; Coco Lehane 3rd breast; Noelle Saxton 1st free, back, fly; Molly Snyder 1st breast.

8-and-under-boys: Alfie Aldave 1st back, 2nd free; Mac Lehane 2nd free, fly; Noah Mays 1st breast, 3rd fly; James Merriman 3rd breast.

9-10 girls: Keela Aldave 3rd back; Lily Brennan 3rd breast; Claire Mays 1st free, breast, 2nd back; Veronica Merriman 3rd free; Samantha Randell 1st back, fly, 2nd IM.

9-10 boys: Rahul Shahani 1st IM, back, breast; Braeden Spinnato 3rd free.

11-12 girls: Patricia Barth 2nd free, 3rd fly; Mary Cate Bryant 2nd breast, 3rd back; Casey Fisher 2nd IM.

11-12 boys: Zach Missigman 2nd breast, 3rd IM; Ethan Schulze 1st back; Torun Shahani 2nd free, 3rd fly.

13-14 girls: Cate Alokones 1st breast, 2nd back, 3rd fly; Caroline Bryant 1st free, 3rd back; Chloe Lehane 2nd IM, 3rd breast; Sofia Pulone 3rd free; Katherine Wanko 2nd fly, 3rd IM.

13-14 boys: Matthew Perry 1st fly, 3rd back; Nate Pittroff 1st IM, free, breast; Brian Ruppel 2nd fly; Jonah Stein 2nd IM, free, breast; Joshua Vahlsing 2nd back.

15-18 girls: Jenna Missigman 3rd breast; Elizabeth Perry 1st back, fly, 2nd free; Lilly Stein 3rd IM, back; Veronica Tis 1st IM, 3rd free, fly; Sara Younts 2nd breast.

15-18 boys: Adam Stein 3rd IM, free, fly.

The Wynnewood Warriors fell to the North St. Johns Blue Marlins, 298-187, in a swim meet on July 14.

Matthew O’Donnell and Anna Kidd were triple winners and Sandy Epp was a double winner for the Warriors.


6-and-under girls: Elizabeth VonWachter 2nd free.

8-and-under girls: Sandy Epp 1st fly, breast, 2nd free; Natalie Penn 3rd back, fly.

8-and-under boys: Austin Bowman 3rd fly, Mason Speake 1st breast.

9-10 girls: Brittany Ashby 3rd IM, breast; Karsen Smith 2nd breast, 3rd free, fly; Molly Broschart 2nd back.

9-10 boys: Caleb VonWachter 1st IM, Cole Smith 1st fly, 2nd back 3rd IM; Jack Athas 1st free, breast, 2nd fly; Andrew Fowler 3rd free, back, breast.

11-12 girls: Olivia Preuett 2nd free, fly, 3rd back; Violet Holsey 3rd free, breast, Maddie Athas 2nd breast.

11-12 boys: Noah VonWachter 1st IM, 2nd back, fly; Matthew O'Donnell 1st free, fly, breast, Dylan Hicks 3rd free, back.

13-14 girls: Francesca Woody 1st breast, 2nd IM, back; Andrea Magbulos 3rd IM, fly, breast; Isabella Klemm 1st back, 2nd free, fly; Ava Vanek 3rd free; Sophia Jauquet 3rd back; Naomi VonWachter 2nd breast.

13-14 boys: Robert Sullivan 2nd free; Ethan Broschart 3rd free, fly; Juan Quintero 2nd back.

15-18 girls: Katie Beuchel 1st IM, 2nd free; Emma Angell 3rd IM; Anna Kidd 1st back, fly, breast; Kristina Murtha 2nd back; Lily Holsey 3rd fly.

15-18 boys: David Wilbourne 3rd IM, back; Gabe VonWachter 2nd free, breast; Dominic Klemm 3rd fly.

Shipley's Choice downed Five Oaks, 275-186, in a swim meet held on July 14.

Cooper Snedeker, Christopher Riley, Nate Sukeena and Mary Caroline Dunworth were triple winners and Savannah Arciaga was a double winner for the Barracudas.


6-and-under-girls: Cloe Goode 1st back, 2nd free.

6-and-under-boys: John Szczesniakowski 3rd free, back.8-and-under-girls: Vanessa Gray 2nd free, fly; Veronica Gray 1st breast, 3rd free, back.

8-and-under-boys: Finnegan Dellinger 3rd back; Joseph Szczesniakowski 2nd free, 3rd back, breast.

9-10-girls: Channon Bettick 3rd back; Ella Booth 3rd free.

9-10-boys: Cooper Snedecker 1st free, breast, fly.

11-12-girls: Sierra Arciaga 2nd free, back, 3rd fly; Zoe Weker 1st fly, 2nd IM, 3rd free.

11-12-boys: Vincent Pell 1st breast, 2nd fly, IM; Christopher Riley 1st back, fly, IM; Aiden Schoeffler 3rd breast; Kyle Smith 2nd free, 3rd fly, IM; Asher Vance 1st free, 2nd back, breast.

13-14-girls: Audrey Adelsberger 2nd breast, 3rd IM; Savannah Arciaga 1st back, fly; Lirael Queeney 3rd free, breast; Oliva Totaro 2nd free, back, IM.

13-14-boys: Roman Dongarra 3rd fly, IM; Evan Goode 3rd back, breast; Nate Sukeena 1st back, breast, fly.

15-18 girls: Paige Adelsberger 1st free, 2nd back, fly; Mary Caroline Dunworth 1st back, breast, IM; Annabelle Hennessy 3rd breast.

15-18 boys: Luke Dongarra 2nd back, breast, 3rd fly; James Sentz 2nd free, IM.

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