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Spread the word, this Jindo dog needs a home [Perry Hall]

Readers of this column will be familiar with the story of Noelle, the white dog owned by the Rev. Louis Scurti that was lost in White Marsh for almost 17 months after the car in which she was being transported back to Father Lou's home in New Jersey was in an accident on Interstate 95. That's when Noelle ran from the scene and landed in White Marsh, eventually turning up in New York City where she was picked up by Manhattan Animal Control.

Then Kristen Edmonds, who runs Treasured K9s, picked up Noelle, (then known as Bell) cleaned her up and took care of her. Treasured K9s, founded by Kristen, is a nonproft volunteer group in New Jersey that rescues Korean Jindo dogs and other breeds. Noelle was a Jindo, Kristen said.

Luckily, through publicity generated by the stories about Noelle in this column, Kristen realized that the Jindo she had gotten from the New York shelter might be Father Lou's missing dog. The priest and his dog were soon reunited. Sad to say, Noelle, who had become severely underweight, died a few weeks later.

Now we have the chance to help another dog that Kristen has taken under her wing.

Your help is needed to spread the word about a retired and decorated Marine from Baltimore and his need to find a new home for his beloved Jindo, Elkea. Thomas Ray is a Maryland native who has spent a large part of his adult life in government service, beginning with Vietnam in 1968. Later, he worked as a government employee in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Tom left active service in 1989. He turns 66 later this month. He has dealt with many medical issues — he was in three helicopter crashes as a Marine — but none as serious as he faces now. In January, Tom was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

As his health declines and he is physically unable to care for Elkea, Tom has turned to Treasured K9s for help.

Kristen is committed to finding the right home and family for Elkea to give Tom the assurance that his pet will be taken care of for life.

Elkea is a 10-year-old male, purebred Korean Jindo — the same breed as Noelle was — and knows commands in Korean. He weighs about 44 pounds and stands 32 inches from the bottom of his paw to the top of his head. He is up to date on necessary shots and recently was neutered. Elkea has medium-length, reddish-brown fur. He enjoys being brushed. He has a good personality and he likes people. He loves going for walks. He is a good jumper so his new owner may enjoy teaching him to fetch a ball or play Frisbee.

Jindos typically bond to one person. Asked if Elkea will be able to bond to someone new, Tom says, " I think he can do that for one reason: I sent up (to Treasured K9s) some of my clothes in a Ziploc bag."

Tom is confident that bonding will occur as ""The dog will associate the clothes with me and gradually with the new owner."

If you are interested in knowing more about Elkea and the Jindo breed, go online to

If you are interested in adopting Elkea, email Kristen at or call 877-774-8597.

In the meantime, Elkea will be staying with New York's Dog Whisperer, Jeff Kolbjornsen of, who has offered to care for Elkea until a home can be found.

This is where readers of this column come in. Tell everyone you know about Elkea. Online, use this article and Elkea's picture to share with your friends and ask them to do the same. With all of us working together, we can help Treasured K9s find Elkea the new home he deserves and give Tom the peace of mind he needs.

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