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Longtime employee at Stone Mill finds the job 'inspirational' [Lutherville-Timonium]

He needs no introduction. You all know and love him: the personable soul who can make your lunch order of soup and half a turkey sandwich into a poetic work of art.

Cris Janoff is famous around these parts for his elaborate description of gourmet creations at Stone Mill Bakery. Even if you visit Stone Mill at Green Spring Station daily, Cris makes you feel special and he is genuinely pleased to greet you. After 15 years working for Stone Mill, the Mt. Washington resident's enthusiasm for his customers is far from waning. In fact, this native foodie is gearing up for an exciting 2015; he and Alfie Himmelrich, Stone Mill's visionary founder and owner, are looking forward to many new projects in the coming year, including the launch of national sales of their gluten-free Tupelo Honey cookies as well as the sale of vintage art posters on display throughout the café.

Stone Mill's busiest day of the year is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, with the sale of more than 1,000 rolls and hundreds of pies. This holiday season, Cris enjoyed the holidays with his father, Gary Janoff, with whom he is extremely close.

Cris was born and raised just a few miles away from Stone Mill, graduating from Boys' Latin school's Class of 1993. How lucky for Cris that Stone Mill has been his first and only job. Thanks to Alfie, Cris feels fortunate to personally serve approximately 700 to 1,000 people daily, and his goal is to welcome you like family. Alfie is like a brother to Cris and he is grateful for the opportunity "to be himself and connect with people on a level that has been inspirational." According to Cris, Stone Mill is a "crossroads of humanity" where all walks of life connect over quality food.

In addition to their main location at Greenspring Station, Stone Mill operates a café in Stevenson Village, a kiosk at Johns Hopkins University Student Center as well as selling their breads and pastries to more than 200 local businesses.

A little known fact about Cris is that during his college years, he wrote two poetry books, "Songs from the Golden Flute" and "Coins Into the Fountain," both of which are currently sold on Amazon.

In addition to his creative side, Cris is passionate about music and his greatest joy and inspiration is the Grateful Dead.

In other news, fifth-grade students at Pinewood Elementary performed a holiday concert for the residents of Augsburg Lutheran Home. Supported by HomeInstead Senior Care, the Pinewood school staff and community and Cub Scout Pack 43, the children delivered more than 150 presents that were generously donated. They also sang Christmas carols throughout the halls for the seniors who were unable to attend the program.

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