Pedestrian bridge near Woodlawn High, library branch to be rebuilt

A pedestrian bridge connecting Dogwood Road to Woodlawn High School and the neighboring Woodlawn Library that was closed in 2014 will be rebuilt this spring, county officials said.

Construction is scheduled to begin in late February, according to a Baltimore County press release dated Feb. 12.

The bridge, a 50-foot 1973 construction that crosses the Dead Run stream, was closed in 2014 because of “serious deterioration,” the press release said.

The new structure, which will be built from aluminum, is expected to last between 50 and 75 years with little maintenance, Public Works spokeswoman Lauren Watley said in an email.

The bridge will connect the neighborhood northeast of the area to Woodlawn High as well as to the library, which are only accessible now from the southwest road, Woodlawn Road.

By cutting directly from east-west Dogwood Road across the stream to access the rear of the school, rather than looping around one of the nearby roads to get to the front, pedestrians using the bridge could shorten the distance of their walk.

“When they took it down, there was a lot of community concern because of the community’s use of it,” said Del. Charles Sydnor, who represents the area. “A lot of people are extremely happy that the county’s finally moving forward with the project.”

Sydnor said he remembers using the bridge growing up. He would park by Dogwood Road and cross the bridge to reach the tennis courts at the school.

The new bridge will cost about $400,000 and is expected to be complete by June. It will feature a concrete deck and be accessible for people with disabilities, the release states.

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