Catonsville bakery SugarBakers wins episode of Cooking Channel's 'Cake Hunters'

Catonsville bakery SugarBakers Cakes was chosen to provide a cake for a wedding featured in the competition show “Cake Hunters” on the Cooking Channel.

The bakery, based on Frederick Road in downtown Catonsville, won against bakeries Santoni’s, in Glyndon, and Sweet Eats Cakes, in Glyndon. The couple featured, Jesse and Monica, chose SugarBakers’ design for a seven-tier wedding cake with a combined horror and Maryland theme.

“It’s definitely one of the craziest cakes I’ve ever made, personally,” said SugarBakers employee Lizzy Neale, who sketched the design for the competition. “It was really hard.”

The cake’s tiers had three flavors, Neale said: Churro apple, Neapolitan with raspberry and chocolate and vanilla, and a fun-fetti tier.

The cake included a layer portraying the Baltimore skyline, a layer shaped like a film reel with images of the couple’s relationship and a layer with a model of the couple in a movie theater. Sitting atop the cake, perched on spooky, shadowy tree outlines, were two black ravens.

After weeks of designing, the cake took a “couple of days” to make, Neale said.

The film crew followed the baking process and then filmed the unveiling of the cake at the wedding. Seeing the couples’ reaction, Neale said, was her “favorite part.”

The half-hour episode, “Wedding Cake of Horrors,” premiered at 10 p.m. on Dec. 29.

The bride, Monica, wanted a cake inspired by horror movies, according to the channel’s episode description, while the groom, Jesse, wanted a cake with a Maryland theme. After seeing three different proposals, the couple chose SugarBakers to make their cake.

SugarBakers filmed the episode in late October, sales and marketing representative Staci Finney said.

The design team, which included Neale as well as Lacey Burja and Jennifer Blanco, worked with the couple to design the cake they wanted, Finney said.

They also sat with the couple during a tasting session and made a small cake to preview their design, which took several weeks to create.

The episode was not SugarBakers’ first on the show — the bakery appeared on “Cake Hunters” in January in an episode called “Shower Struggles.”

Still, the family-owned bakery employees called the episode “exciting,” and Neale hosted a viewing party on the night of the premiere, she said.

Looking back at her 18 years of cake-making, Neale said she never thought she would end up on television — “especially not making cakes.”

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