Catonsville High principal says man tried to lure female student into woods

Bill Heiser, principal at Catonsville High School, phoned parents Tuesday night to inform them of an incident that he said occurred Tuesday evening near the school's campus.

"One of our students alleged that an adult male attempted to lure her into the woods," Heiser said in an interview Wednesday. "She was just off school property on Bloomsbury [Avenue].

"His attempt was unsuccessful and she ran in the direction of the local apartments and contacted the police," he said. "As she should."

In the robocall, Heiser assured parents that Baltimore County Police found no immediate threat to the school community.

"Please know that the safety and security of our students is the most important priority," Heiser said in the call. "We will continue to cooperate with Baltimore County Police's ongoing investigation surrounding this incident."

Counselors were available to talk with students Wednesday, and Heiser said teachers were discussing the incident with their students.

"Just making sure that we're having conversations with all the kids in school," he said. "That we're vigilant and aware of anyone who looks suspicious.

"Making sure that we're just aware of our surroundings," Heiser said. "And, in this particular situation, the student did exactly what you should do."


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