Catonsville bike, pottery shops trade spaces

The Hub C’Ville Bikes, a bike shop in Catonsville, switched places over the weekend with the Pottery Cove, less than 100 feet away, Hub owner Scott Westcoat said.

The move, Westcoat said, will suit both business models better.

The space the Pottery Cove occupied is set back from Frederick Road in a standalone building, which Westcoat said will give his shop space to expand its workshop.

That left the storefront on busy Frederick Road available for the Pottery Cove, which Westcoat said is a more retail-oriented business that will benefit from foot traffic, especially during the holiday season.

“Scott offered it to me, and it’s a dream come true,” Pottery Cove owner Michelle D’Anna said. “I need street front visibility.”

D’Anna said the Pottery Cove has been struggling, largely because its former location was not visible from the road and people did not know it was there.

“We’ve been there five-and-a-half years, and every week people walk in and ask me the same questions: ‘We never knew you were here, how long have you been here?’” D’Anna said.

Visibility, Westcoat said, is not a problem for his shop, which serves a niche interest with regular clientele.

“With us, if you’re looking for a bike shop, you’re gonna find a bike shop,” he said.

Westcoat said the decision makes sense because of changes in the Hub’s business model caused by online shopping.

Today, Westcoat said, many people buy their bicycles online, then bring them to the Hub for service. Moving to the new building, Westcoat said, will let the shop expand the service side of their business as they contract their bicycle showroom.

Neither business closed during the move. Because the Hub had two stores, they were able to move into one of them so that D’Anna could move the Pottery Cove into the other.

D’Anna painted the new store clay and gold, similar to her old location. She said the new space also allowed her to add more tables, which she said will let more people paint pottery at once.

The move comes just in time for the holiday season, which kicked off after Thanksgiving.

For the Pottery Cove, where people can paint pottery as gifts or as Christmas decorations, the holiday season is the most important time of the year, D’Anna said.

The pottery studio opened in the new location Nov. 24, and the Hub moved completely into their new location over the weekend.

The move leaves one vacant storefront, and Westcoat said they are currently seeking a new tenant.

When they find a new tenant, Westcoat said, the Hub plans to host an outdoor opening party in the spring.

“I’m just very, very excited,” D’Anna said of the new space. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

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