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Business group rates Catonsville-Arbutus representatives on votes during Assembly

Business groups rates Catonsville/Arbutus legislators

Maryland Business for Responsive Government, a statewide, pro-business organization, released its ratings of state legislators based on their votes on bills that the group felt had "or philosophical importance to the widest possible range of Maryland businesses, trade associations, and chambers of commerce," according to an email from MBRG.

State Sen. Edward Kasemeyer, who represents District 12, which includes Arbutus, Catonsville and Lansdowne, and part of Howard County, received a rating of 60 percent, based on his votes on five Senate bills. His votes on which MBRG agreed were:

• For amendment to SB458 that would have removed the bill's establishment of tougher liability standards for companies seeking to drill for natural gas by hydraulic fracturing in Maryland.

• For SB 863, which put stormwater management fee regulations in the hands of local governments.

• For HB 939, which established the advisory council in the Department of Business and Economic Development to study the impact of regulations on small businesses.

The group did not agree with his votes:

• For SB 146, repealing requirement that claimants must provide insurer with information regarding health care treatment and economic damages before insurer must disclose coverage limits, and repealing the requirement that health care bills and loss of income must total at least $12,500 before insurer must disclose coverage limits.

• For SB 833, which increased penalties for contractors working under public contract who pay their employees less than the prevailing wage rate and required contractors to pay restitution to underpaid workers.

District 12 Dels. Eric Ebersole, Terri Hill and Clarence Lam each received a rating of 43 percent.

MBRG agreed with their votes on:

• For SB 863

• For HB 939

• For HB 164, to limit the amount of a bond required to halt the enforcement of a civil judgment while the defendant appeals the decision.

MBRG did not agree with their votes on:

• For SB 146

• For HB 449 to place a moratorium on fracking in Maryland until October 2017.

• For HB 680, to allow traffic offense convictions to be used as evidence in civil proceedings.

• For HB 1239, to repeal civil penalties against shoplifters and employee theft.


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