Forge celebrates new neighbors, new baby, new position [Rodgers Forge]

Our community has much to celebrate. Many congratulations and much merriment in the Forge during the last month of one of our nicest summers on record.

And it was fantastic weather for a wedding. Just ask Harrison Levy and Sara Mosgin, new residents of Brandon Road. On Aug. 23 they promised to love, honor and live happily ever after in good times, like a picnic lunch by a beautiful lake, and challenging times, such as a heart-pumping, breath-catching 3-mile hike up a Colorado mountainside (which is how Harrison proposed). Mazel tov! And welcome to the neighborhood.

We also welcomed a new addition to the hood. Remy Beatrice Reilly, a beautiful baby girl, was born on Sept. 5 to Erin Goley and Erin Reilly, Overbrook Road. Remy joins big brother Beck, who is very excited to have a little sister. Welcome, Remy! And congratulations, Erin, Erin and Beck!

So many brilliant minds live in our area. Laura Ensign, Stevenson Lane, was recently promoted to assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Laura specializes in chemical and biomolecular engineering, and did a great deal of research on improving methods to protect the female reproductive system from viral infections. She has also written several books and has three patents on inventions licensed in her industry. Wow!

The fifth-grade Rodgers Forge Elementary School 2014 graduates enjoyed an alumni yearbook signing on Sept. 11.  More than 50 former students attended, enjoying a time to socialize with former classmates, enjoy some snacks, and sign one another's yearbooks. Halle von Kessler, Hopkins Road, did an outstanding job designing and managing the yearbook project and the kids loved reliving the memories through the many photos highlighting their "senior" year.

Can you imagine a world without the lovely sounds of our local birds? Neither can Jon Acheson. He recently started bird watching. It's more an effort to find creative ways to spend more time outdoors. In the last couple weeks he has seen hummingbirds, yellow finches, a red shoulder hawk, cardinals and warblers. In addition, while kayaking around Lake Roland, he saw a female Baltimore oriole, which is a beautiful yellow instead of the orange we all know and love. Go O's! What a simple yet incredible and gentle magnificence, these wondrous creatures we live among.

 Perhaps you've met Reilly Williams, Brandon Road, and a member of the Rodgers Forge Citizens on Patrol for the past 11 years. Reilly, along with his owner, Rob Williams, patrolled the streets of our neighborhood together for those years. Sadly, Reilly, a sweet, gentle and patient pup passed away on Sept. 7.  According to Rob, who is devastated by the loss of his furry friend, "We were attached at the hip. We would check the school grounds at night together on our first walk. He was always patient when I had to make a 911 call because of suspicious activity on our walks." Our condolences, Rob.



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