Reporting on Mays Chapel school is biased [Letter]

I have attended every meeting regarding the new Mays Chapel school — from which piece of land to use, to the committee's choice of options, to all board and public meetings. The common objective has been how to affect the least number of kids.

Pot Springs Elementary has 167 kids over capacity; Padonia has 115 over. Hampton, Pinewood, Riderwood, Warren are not overcrowded. Pinewood, with its close proximity, will be less affected by Option B. It creates a walkable solution for them. Most kids that live within walking distance are not affected. The rest — Lutherville, Padonia, Pot Spring and Timonium are. Sparks will get relief with an addition. West Towson will get relief when Cromwell Elementary comes back online. Redistricting will adversely affect the overcrowded schools.

If Option A is chosen, Riderwood Elementary will have been redistricted three times in six years. No school in the county's history has ever had this happen to them.

As to Free and Reduced Meals schools, it is important to show students some of the faces of real life. FARMS is provided to single moms, grandparents raising grandkids, war veterans and the unemployed.

Your articles have been very biased. You could have done a better job by contacting all the affected schools, PTA presidents and by getting a more well-rounded view of the complexities regarding the redistricting proposals for the new Mays Chapel elementary school.

Tim Tremblay


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