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Walking bus winners take cake, uh, doughnuts [Rodgers Forge column]

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Except replace chicken dinner with doughnut breakfast. After four weeks, the Rodgers Forge Elementary Walking School Bus Doughnut Challenge has concluded. And the winner is: the Heathfield South route. Led by Marianne Lohr, Michelle Dinsmore and Holly Storck, this route far and away surpassed the other routes — not only in number of "riders" (37) but in the number of adults who signed up to "drive" the bus (20). Word must have spread that the Heathfield South route won the contest, because on March 5, 20 kids showed up for their jelly-filled reward. And there was much rejoicing. Organizer Will Morton sends his apologies to the teachers and principal for sending the children to school all hopped up on sugar. But it was for a good cause.

And in this corner, speaking of winners, on March 1, Walker Stump-Coale, Hopkins Road, led the University of Baltimore's Boxing Club to victory at the University of Maryland's 8th Annual Maryland Boxing Invitational, known as "Rumble in the Ritchie."  Walker, president of the boxing club, was the coach and cornerman for two boxers at the invitational, which included pugilists from Towson U., Georgetown, Shippensburg, Virginia Military Institute, West Point, Syracuse, University of North Carolina, University of Maryland and University of Baltimore.

Diana Spencer's art show at the WEAA Artist Gallery at Morgan State University is on display through March 18. "String Theory" expresses her interest in the intersection between science and art. Diana, of Stanmore Road, told me that as an engineering-turned-English major in college, she loves "the idea that all matter is composed of vibrating strings of energy. My pieces can be very distinct from each other despite the fact that they are composed of the same very simple materials. And I like to think that I am infusing these materials with my energy as I make them." If you miss this show, catch her at the Art Outside event at Druid Hill Reservoir on May 18.

Voice of the Forge Flyer, Kris Henry, announced that the iconic neighborhood blog is officially on hiatus while she lives the glamorous life of a features editor for The Baltimore Sun. Kris will continue to post on the Flyer's Facebook page and is also considering handing over the reins to a friend, but for now, the Flyer is on hold. The Forge Flyer was influential in my family's decision to move to the Forge and I know it has touched the lives of many others since it was started in 2007. Thanks for everything, Kris.

It's almost spring! Just nine more days and then we transition from frigid to humid … but for three and a half days between those two extremes (plus or minus an hour) we will thoroughly enjoy this year's Mid-Atlantic spring. I can't wait to get back outside and see my neighbors! Maybe on April 12 at Rodgers Forge Community Association's Annual Egg Hunt at the Tot Lot.

In the meantime, if you have some good news, please feel free to tell me. I'd love to hear from you.

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