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Explosion in Nottingham apartment building causes evacuation of residents

An explosion in a Nottingham apartment building Thursday afternoon forced the evacuation of all residents after the building was flooded with lethal carbon monoxide gas.

The two-alarm blast caused no damage to the building and there were no injuries, according to Baltimore County Fire Lt. Paul Massarelli.

He said rescuers were dispatched to 3907 Hannon Court at 2:30 p.m. to investigate a complaint of an electrical odor emanating from the complex's mechanical room. After firefighters arrived, the electrical transformer on the exterior of the complex exploded, engulfing the premises in the deadly gas and engulfing two vehicles in flames.

After ventilating the building, it was determined that the building no longer contained carbon monoxide and residents were allowed to re-enter their apartments, Massarelli said. But, because the building had no electricity they were advised to find another place to stay for the night.

More than 30 vehicles and 120 firefighters responded to the scene.

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