Come support Veterans Trust Fund legislation to support Maryland vets [Letter]

I am writing you to enlist your support in passing legislation to benefit Maryland veterans through the Veterans Trust Fund.

For those that do not know, the Veterans Trust Fund authorizes the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs to receive donations, and then to make grants and loans to veterans and their family members who are in dire financial situations, or to private organizations that help veterans (homeless programs, substance abuse programs, etc.). The trust fund gives citizens, businesses and other organizations a way to express their support to veteran causes through their donations and contributions.

I am proposing to raise money for the trust fund through the creation of a special registration veteran's license plate. This plate will be available to purchase by veterans and the general public. Proceeds from the plate would be donated to the trust fund to help Maryland veterans.

Please come and support this legislation. On Jan. 14, I will be holding a rally beginning at 6 p.m. in front of the State House. If you are interested in supporting this legislation, want to know more about the bill, or want to know how you can assist further, please contact me at 410-920-0128, or at

Del. Michael D. Smigiel Sr.

36th District

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