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Letter: Thanks to Pat van den Beemt for countless stories for this paper

A few years ago, Pat van den Beemt covered a small boy who was honored by the Hereford Volunteer Fire Department for giving his "earnings" from a lemonade stand, about $400, to their efforts. I just wanted to share how life has come full circle.

This young boy has grown into the young man who was photographed at the SJATV-Radio Station, the auburn-haired announcer named Jack Jankowski. (North County News, "St. James Academy students tune in," Oct. 11).

I am his proud mother. I noticed your byline and recall how kind you were to us during the original story at the fire department and what an impact it had on him then.

Thank you for the countless stories you bring to life in our local papers. I realize the newspaper business has grown, changed and diminished over the years but there are many of us, even the upcoming generations who cherish the stories that people like you put forth in our mailboxes each week.

My son is just one example of the latest generation who still hopes to make a career in journalism — whether in radio, TV or even in newspapers someday — however they may exist!

Lori Jankowski


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