Spring Break

I was away this weekend in Rehoboth. As usual, I experienced one of the best parts of travel: unexpected pleasures. On Friday I rode down with a woman I’ve known all but 10 years of my life.  Being with a friend of so many years is like travelling with family.  Nothing needs to be held back. Honesty of opinion is expressed. Differences are known, understood, and generally appreciated. Still, it seems that new ideas and thoughts are always discussed. This and shared experiences are part of what keeps friendship fresh.
On this trip to her summer home, my hostess ran into another friend at every turn, from the moment we arrived and went out to dinner until our last trip to my favorite bookstore. I had never met half of them. Meeting friends of friends brings names and personalities to life. 
My friend ran into her friends in restaurants, on the street and in the stores. So many were in town, she threw a spontaneous cocktail party that felt as if we were back in Baltimore. This, in the middle of March when most houses were still closed for winter, when parking meters were not yet in effect and when businesses operated on slightly different hours. 
 Experiencing spring in another place was also an unexpected treat. A place normally seen in the warmth of summer or early fall looked new. The palette of spring seemed even larger when experienced over many miles. All the way to the beach, fields turned emerald green and trees bloomed. In Rehoboth, cherry and Bradford pear trees had new and full blossoms. Daffodils looked luminescent in the cool, grey weather.
It does not take much time away to refresh the point of view. Experiencing a place I’d never visited in March with a childhood friend and her friends gave me a rejuvenating spring break.

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