Pages from the Past: Police from Halethorpe and Catonsville stations to move into new quarters in early spring of 1962

An article in the March 8, 1962, edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian reported the near completion of a new police station.

The new Wilkens Police Station, which will combine the services of the Catonsville and Halethorpe police stations and the Traffic Division, is nearing completion at Wilkens and Walker avenues. Occupancy of the one-story and basement structure is anticipated about May 1 of this year.

The personnel of the Catonsville and Halethorpe Districts, totaling 71 men, includes: Captain Clarence Bradley; four lieutenants, George Neeb, Joseph Schwartz, Robert Andrews and Frederick Senkel; 66 sergeants, corporals and patrolmen.


A seventeen-year-old Michigan youth was picked up by Cpl. Roy R. LeRendu of the Woodlawn police station while he was walking on the Baltimore National Pike last Sunday at 6 P.M. It was discovered that the boy had escaped from the National Training School in Washington, D.C., earlier in the day.


Six young student scientists, award winners at the Fourth Annual Science Fair of the Arbutus Junior High School, were honored by parents and teachers at the school's P.T.A. meeting held Feb. 27. The four girls and two boys were presented cash prizes for their exhibits, which represented the best of each grade and the three best of the Fair, judged as a whole.

Award winners were: Cathy Kaifer, Carole Phillips, Martin Schlesinger, Jo Nell Smith, Janet Bruns, Dennis McEnvoy. The projects were judged according to initiative, ability, thought, thoroughness and clarity of presentation.

75 Years Ago

An article in the March 5, 1937 in The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian reported on the quick reactions of an area resident who brought experience, as well as water, to fight a fire at his house.

John A. Purkey, 52, came up from the basement of his cottage at Benson avenue near the Baltimore county line last Sunday night, to find that a stranger had paused long enough to tell Mrs. Purkey the roof was on fire.

Mr. Purkey called the city fire department. Inasmuch as he is the chief of the Violetville Volunteers, however, he did not wait for the arrival of the apparatus, but went to work on the blaze himself. Climbing to the roof of the house, with a field-fire pump tank strapped to his back, he was busily battling the flames when help arrived.

In addition to the city department, Mr. Purkey's own volunteers and the Halethorpe engine responded to the alarm. The blaze, believed to have started from a spark, was extinguished with damage to the roof estimated at $500 by Mr. Purkey.


An oyster roast will be held on Sunday, March 14, at the club house of the Overbrook Road Improvement Association. All other affairs have been stag, but this time the ladies are invited. The affair will begin at three o'clock in the afternoon.


Little Miss Fern Tucker was given a surprise party on Saturday afternoon in honor of her eighth birthday, at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Eva Duvall, Catonsville. Games were played, after which refreshments were served. Fern was the recipient of many beautiful and useful presents. Among her guests were: Geraldine and Mary Rose Trieschman, Glenda Gaugh, Margaret Tucker, Catherine Linsenmeyer, Loraine Harden, Beatrice, Eleanor, Helen and Barbara Tucker, Betty and Mary Ruth Armstrong, June Duvall, Dick and Billy Tucker, Lee, Muriel and Joe Carter, Walter and Junior Harden, Bertha Mae and Florence Seet, Marion and Beatrice Paddy and Billy Armstrong.


Various organizations of the First and Thirteenth Districts are aiding the Violetville Volunteer Fire Company in maintaining its ambulance service until the annual carnival. A card and bingo party for ambulance benefit was held on February 27 at the home of Mrs. Andrew Edmonds, 1034 Pine Heights Avenue, Violetville.

On April 16, the Arbutus Parent-Teacher Association will hold a card and bingo party for the ambulance.

100 Years Ago

An article in the March 9, 1912, edition of The Argus reported on a resident's lack of success in keeping his chickens safe and secure.

For the second time within a month, chicken thieves have raided the hennery of Mr. Jess B. Riggs, at North Bend, carrying away his entire stock purchased recently. The lot included 15 Rhode Island Red prize birds, which he had just received.


If you have frequent fainting spells accompanied by chills, cramps, corns, bunions, chilblains, epilepsy and jaundice, it is a sign you are not well, but liable to die any minute. Pay your subscription in advance and make yourself solid for a good obituary notice.


The fourth in the family to wed within a year, Miss Edith N. Nattans, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Nattans of Catonsville, was married to Mr. Morton E. Hecht, in the red room at the Hotel Belvedere, Baltimore, Sunday night. The ceremony was performed by Revs. William Rosenau and C.A. Rubenstein. After the wedding, supper was served at the hotel. Mr. David Strouse was best man.

Other members of the family who fell before Cupid's darts in the last 12 months were: Miss Hortense Nattans, who was married to Mr. Mark R. Solomon; Mr. Ralph Nattans, who married Miss Sadie Hecht, sister of the groom, and Miss Rita Nattans, who was married to Mr. Albert Lowenthal.


Twenty-five boys are hard at work in the gymnasium putting on the finishing touches for the exhibition by the Boys' Athletic Classes to be held on Tuesday, March 19, in St. Timothy's Parish Hall. In the junior class, the boys will do stunts on the buck and mats. On the buck, nearly all of them are doing leg circles, twisters, necksprings and all sorts of difficult feats, while on the mats they have become efficient tumblers.

The senior division, which has improved as much or even more than the juniors, will work on the horizontal bar and build pyramids. The Norris brothers will do their fly-away, from the hand stand, a very difficult trick, which is performed by few professionals.

Boxing, wrestling and other sports are on the program.

Material from archives courtesy of the Catonsville Historical Society.

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