Letter: Keep Catonsville in Baltimore County district

Regarding the proposed redistricting plan ("Redistricting won't unify Catonsville," "Proposal would create new Catonsville district," Catonsville Times, Jan.10), I have urged Gov. Martin O'Malley and our delegates to reject it. I trust I am not alone in this effort.

Dels. James Malone and Steven DeBoy have more to gain than lose. They have both lived in this area a long time and well know this plan is not the best scenario.

Bringing in a low-income district of Baltimore City, while those in the heart of 21228 and 21227 gain Howard County, will start a financial downfall in those separated areas.

What next: Extend Baltimore City to the Howard County line?

Make Route 40, Baltimore City and Howard County lines to the Anne Arundel County line one district, then all will be well?

This jigsaw puzzle, created by legislators, is not in the best interest of all 21228 constituents.

Catonsville is once again being used as a legislative pawn!

I urge voting against this redistricting plan.


David Gemmell



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