Letter: Right of way unique to roundabouts

I would like to comment on the letter from Michael Ernest Sr. concerning "Too much speed and too little courtesy at Old Frederick circle" (Catonsville Times, Dec. 28).

I agree that people should show courtesy when driving.

The statement that "a circle is just a special version of a four-way stop" is erroneous.

Maryland State laws are available online at: http://www.mva.maryland.gov/Resources/DL-002A.pdf .

Section I Roundabouts states: "Approach roads to roundabouts are controlled by yield signs. Entering traffic must always yield to traffic already in the roundabout. Cautiously approach the yield line and wait for an acceptable gap in traffic. Drivers should be patient and follow the law and not send mixed messages that could cause an accident."

Paul DiCrispino Sr.


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