Remembering Irene

We’re remembering Irene on Monday, as we resume life after she passed our way. She did not pack the wallop we’d feared, and for that we’re grateful. It was good that we had practice in preparing for such a potentially devastating hurricane. Apparently, we have more of those to look forward to as the climate warms.
Here in Roland Park, we had minimal damage. Some large, old trees came down, but I’ve not heard that any hit a house. A few cars were damaged, and fallen trees on Sunday morning blocked portions of Roland Avenue, University Parkway and Falls Road. The city did an excellent job clearing those roads fast, and residents cleared most of the limbs blocking side streets.
Some houses on the east side of the community were still without power on Monday morning. Eddie’s power is back, but because of the weekend outage, the store was closed again on Monday and may be for at least another day. To date that seems like the biggest hit to the neighborhood.
After a call to 311, the city is en route to pick up two large piles of big tree limbs on Ridgewood. Mark & Buttons is coming to our house to see about a pinhole leak above our kitchen. They’ve solved so many small leaks in this 90-year old house, we’ve learned to call them first.
To be sure many basements are drying out on Monday, but that’s nothing compared to what might have been.

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