United States can erase debt, if it backs off overseas war, and aid

Common sense tells us all that we can't spend more than we bring in — as individuals, as a people, or as a government. Sooner or later, debt will have to be paid in full, or our country will simply collapse as a nation. It's that simple. 

Is it doable in the near future?

My answer is yes.

The first thing we must do is to end all our bogus overseas wars, and bring all the troops home, stationing them, instead, on the Mexican border to finally secure that for good.

Next, we need to start cutting off all our foreign aid that has been bleeding the U.S. Treasury dry since 1945, starting with dumping Israel, which receives more U.S. money than all other countries combined. Israel has only one ally stupid enough to stand behind it in the world: us.

Since Dec. 8, 1941 — the last time that the United States legally declared war — we have ceased being the former "republic for which we stand," and become instead an international overseas empire. Today, we maintain 190,000 troops and 115,000 civilian employees in 909 bases in 46 countries and territories other than our own.

It's time so start shutting these bases down, too, and bringing our troops and other personnel home as well.

Can we really achieve both a balanced federal budget and a zero debt?

Yes, we can! We had a balanced budget when Democratic President Bill Clinton left office in 2001. In fact, we even had a surplus.

The two villains in what happened afterward wereGOP President George W. Bush and current Democratic President Barack Obama, the two biggest spenders ever in American politics.

As we achieve both a balanced Federal budget and zero debt to the six countries to which we owe money — five allies and one potential enemy, China — we must also return to being a country of  the rule of law, and not of humans, under the Constitution of the U.S. that our founding fathers gave us. 

We derailed it, and now is the time to put it back on track. Failing all of the above, the abyss yawns before us, truly. Forget your grandchildren! This is here, and it is now.

Blaine Taylor


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