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Catonsville Rotary Club offers advantage of a diverse membership

I want to express my thanks to writer Lauren Fulbright for consistently producing well researched and very well written articles.

Her most recent example is about the Catonsville Rotary Club ("Morning meetings no more for Sunrise Rotary Club," Catonsville Times, July 20).

Please permit me to make one small suggestion about one of the article's quotes that reinforces a myth that Rotary is only for businessmen. In fact, our members are both women and men; one of our former presidents has been a female member.

Also, many of our past and current members are professional people, not involved in business.

For example, our members have included a dentist, professors at the Community College of Baltimore County and Howard County Community College, physical therapists, a county Circuit Court judge, and myself, a retired CCBC-Catonsville and University of Iowa international educator.

One of the joys of Rotary membership is developing relationships and friendships with a diversity of people from a variety of backgrounds, both professional and business.

Stephen Arum


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