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Baltimore Co. school system paychecks delayed

About 10,000 Baltimore County school employees had their paychecks delayed Friday because of what officials are calling a computer glitch.

District officials realized Thursday there was a problem with a file submitted Wednesday to M&T Bank, but since Thursday was Veterans Day, a bank holiday, they could not immediately fix it.

By Friday afternoon, all employees who are M&T Bank customers had received their checks, said Charles Herndon, a spokesman for Baltimore County's public schools.

Herndon said there was a chance that some other employees wouldn't receive their checks until Monday, but "we hope that's not the case."

A memorandum was sent to all schools and offices Friday morning to alert employees. Mostly teachers and administrators were affected by the delay, Herndon said.

Cheryl Bost, president of the teachers union, said the district was "on top of it."

The district has about 17,000 employees.

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