Water main break in Catonsville sends geyser of cold water into the air

A water main break in Catonsville doused a residential neighborhood with an unrelenting tower of water, which quickly froze into thick layers of ice as temperatures continued to plummet Tuesday evening.

Water main breaks were common throughout the region Tuesday, as Baltimore and surrounding counties dealt with freezing temperatures.

On Catonsville’s Garden Ridge Road, residents saw a deep hole in their street release a geyser of cold water. The stream shot high into the air — even cascading over nearby homes into their back yards.

The front yards of houses close to the break are blanketed in several inches of ice, said 32-year-old Michael McClellan, who lives on the street.

McClellan said his porch is covered in icicles, as are his neighbor’s homes.

“Its pretty unreal,” he said, noting that the water has been shooting out for hours.

Baltimore City Department of Public Works crews were sent to turn off the water main break in the 100 block of Garden Ridge Road, said spokeswoman Jennifer Combs.

“We will investigate and begin repairs ASAP,” she wrote in an email.

The leak was stopped around 10:15 p.m., the department said.



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