Baltimore County Council to consider bill limiting teens' access to guns

The Baltimore County Council will meet Tuesday to consider a bill aimed at preventing teenagers from being able to access guns.

The proposal introduced by Councilwoman Vicki Almond would make it a misdemeanor to leave a loaded firearm in a place where an unsupervised child younger than 18 could have access to it.

Almond, a Reisterstown Democrat, will hold a rally in support of her bill outside the Historic Courthouse in Towson at 1 p.m., in advance of the council’s 2 p.m. work session.

Existing state law makes it a misdemeanor to leave a loaded firearm somewhere that the person knew, or should have known, that an unsupervised child younger than 16 could gain access to it.

The consideration of the bill comes as gun control — not normally an issue that’s regulated at the county level — has been debated in the Democratic primary for county executive.

Almond, who is running for county executive, has criticized one of her opponents, state Sen. Jim Brochin of Cockeysville, for previously accepting campaign donations from the National Rifle Association.

Brochin, in turn, has defended his gun control votes and criticized another primary opponent, former Del. Johnny Olszewski Jr. of Dundalk, for not voting for Maryland’s assault weapons ban.

Olszewski has said he regrets that vote. He plans to testify in favor of Almond’s bill.

At the work session, council members also will discuss bills that would set additional rules for microbreweries and farm breweries in rural areas and create property tax breaks for public safety workers and senior citizens who are veterans.

They’ll also review a request from the Department of Public Works for an extra $1.5 million to cover plowing and salting costs from this winter’s snow storms.

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