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Poodle euthanized after dog attack in Owings Mills

A teacup poodle was euthanized after she was attacked in Owings Mills by a dog identified as a pit bull, a Baltimore County police spokeswoman said.

The poodle, named Chloe, was on a leash, walking with her owner, in the 8000 block of Greenspring Valley Road when she was bitten by another dog named Max, said police spokeswoman Cathy Batton.

The poodle's owner was bitten when she tried to break the two dogs apart, Batton said. She said the poodle's owner described the dog that attacked them as black lab pit bull mix.

After the attack, the poodle's owner told police her dog had to be euthanized at an animal hospital due to injuries from that attack, Batton said.

She said the second dog had strayed, along with a third dog, from a nearby home in the unit block of Championship Court. The third dog was only described as a brown dog, Batton said.

She did not release the dog owner's names saying the incident is still being investigated by county animal control.

A recent Maryland Court of Appeals decision in an attack in 2007 on a 10-year-old Towson boy singled out pit bull breeds as dangerous and therefore a greater liability for owners, whose dogs are found responsible in attacks

Critics of the ruling have called it misguided and said it will unfairly target dogs and their owners that are often misidentified as pit bulls. Instead, pit bull advocates said legislation should adopted and be based on a dog's behavior, not breed.

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