Halethorpe Improvement Association gears up for annual cleanup day

The Halethorpe Improvement Association is planning to host its annual cleanup day Saturday, June 2, for residents to dispose of their trash and debris.

At about 7 a.m., contractors with Baltimore County will drop off three dumpsters — one for trash, one for metal recycling and one for other recycling — at Halethorpe Elementary School at 4300 Maple Ave. The dumpsters will be picked up around noon.

“It’s a way to make it easy for people to clean their yards out so they don’t become a problem,” said Halethorpe Improvement Association President Michael McAuliffe. “These dumpsters really provide an easy way for people to get rid of their junk out of their yard.”

County landfill restrictions mean some items, including old TVs, computer equipment, paint, pesticides and propane bottles, can’t be brought to the community cleanup for disposal. Anyone who’s unsure of how to dispose of certain items should call the Baltimore County Bureau of Solid Waste Management at 410-877-3188.

The improvement association had to work with County Councilman Tom Quirk’s office to secure the dumpsters, McAuliffe said.

According to Peter Kriscumas, a legislative aide to Quirk, the county initially told the Halethorpe association that it would not be able to get dumpsters.

Each year, Kriscumas said, the county sets aside funding for community associations that wish to do cleanup projects. This year, however, more associations than expected requested money from the funds, so resources were depleted by the time the Halethorpe Improvement Association requested the dumpsters.

“As a county, we know in the future we might have to budget a little bit more money in that program,” Kriscumas said. “Nonetheless, we did get it resolved and the Halethorpe Improvement Association was able to have their community cleanup and the county was able to provide [the dumpsters] at no charge.”

Additionally, volunteers will be available to assist residents who cannot bring their own materials for disposal, like people with disabilities or the elderly.

Unlike some cleanup events around the county, such as Arbutus Beautification Day, there are no specific community projects planned for June 2; the day is meant to be a resource for residents to take care of their own cleaning projects.

But, McAuliffe said, the improvement association has volunteers throughout the year who plant flowers, collect litter and mow grass around Halethorpe.

“I really, truly believe the number one thing you can do to preserve your neighborhood is keep it neat and clean,” he said.

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