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How some Baltimore legislators think Hogan can help the city address crime

A group of Baltimore lawmakers have sent a letter to Gov. Larry Hogan suggesting ways the state could do more to help Baltimore with its crime problem.

Hogan last week expressed openness toward hearing ideas.

In the letter, state Del. Antonio Hayes and 16 other Baltimore Democrats suggested state police, parole and probation officers and juvenile services staffers join warrant task forces; state police staff the Juvenile Booking facility, thereby freeing up city police to patrol the streets; and increase probation and parole visits to the homes of violent offenders released from jail.

The lawmakers, who are state senators and delegates, also suggested extending state patrol and crash investigations three to five miles into the city; fund an expanded Safe Streets program in which ex-offenders intervene in neighborhood disputes in the city's transformation zones; and increase MTA police and General Services police patrols at Mondawmin Mall, Upton and Lexington Market and State Center.

"Thank you Governor Hogan for your willingness to take on suggestions as to how the public safety issues in Baltimore City can be tackled," the letter states. "We eagerly await your response to the suggestions made in this letter, and look forward to working with you."

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