Firefighters called to 6 fires amid storm, ask residents to clear hydrants

Baltimore City firefighters were called to six fires during Thursday's snow storm, but a spokesman said call volumes were lower than usual. Only one became a working fire.

Firefighters were called to the 1200 block of North Decker Avenue and the 2600 block of Greenmount Avenue, where firefighters had some difficulty getting into the house because snow blocked the doors, said fire department spokesman Ian Brennan.

As of 8 p.m. Thursday, the department had made more than 346 runs for medical and other assistance over the course of the day.

"In no case did the snow hamper or limit our access. There were no driving issues," Brennan said.

He added that frozen hydrants have not been a problem during the storm. He said residents — in addition to sidewalks — should clear areas around fire hydrants to make them accessible in case of a fire.

In preparation for the storm, he said, the department placed additional units on call, including an engine, truck, and eight medic units.

"During these types of emergencies, there's the potential for more, multiple car accidents. … It will allow us to respond without as much of a drain" to resources, he said.

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