Teachers union, city schools reach tentative contract agreement

The Baltimore Teachers Union announced Friday that it has reached a tentative 2010-2011 contract with city school officials that is expected to be ratified and approved in the coming weeks.

Negotiations have been ongoing for months, and last year's contract had to be extended while officials reached an agreement.

The statement included few details about the new contract, but the union called it "landmark" and BTU President Marietta English she was "excited" about the agreement.

"I think teachers are going to like this contract because it addresses many of the concerns they expressed in a survey we conducted last school year," English said.

In a forum this past spring where schools CEO Andres Alonso addressed the district's challenges with teacher quality, he said that many of the shortfalls would be remedied by a "cutting-edge contract."

Alonso said in the statement Friday that the agreement will "put instructional effectiveness at the core of everything, which is where it should be. I congratulate our teachers and school communities for what is a landmark moment for us all — especially our kids."


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