Park Heights family robbed at gunpoint, man shot in head

The three men forced their way into the Park Heights home earlier this month, looking for money and drugs. Encountering a man, a woman and their two children did not deter them, police say.

The suspects gathered the family in the living room at gunpoint, at one point placing the barrel of a gun in the woman's mouth and then striking her in the head with the weapon. The family was then taken into the basement and told to lay on their stomachs.

That's when police say 19-year-old Donte Gladden placed a pillow over the man's head and fired multiple shots, striking the victim in the head.

Police say 34-year-old Kevin Hall survived, and identified Gladden as the attacker. Gladden was arrested over the weekend and charged with 26 counts, including attempted first-degree murder, armed robbery, handgun violations and false imprisonment.

The incident unfolded on April 16 at about 9:50 p.m., in the 3200 block of Spaulding Ave. The suspects took video game consoles, computers, cell phones, cash and a pound of marijuana before fleeing when Hall was shot. He was shot in the "top of the head" and was expected to recover, according to a police spokeswoman.

The incident was the latest home invasion in the Northwest District, which as of earlier this month had seen the highest spike in the city as police combat a rise in such crimes.

Police told The Baltimore Sun at the time that they had not determined a nexus between the increase in home invasions and the city drug trade, but the Spaulding Avenue shooting comes on the heels of an April 16 home invasion in the 1200 E. North Avenue, in which police say the attackers were looking for drugs. Branden Bowser, 23, was fatally shot during that incident.

Gladden has been ordered held without bond.

The arrest comes a year after Gladden was indicted on charges of attempted first-degree murder when a man was shot in the face in the 3400 block of Park Heights Ave. Court records indicate prosecutors had difficulty locating a key witness, who had to be brought to court on a warrant but was allowed to be released pending trial. The case was dropped in January.

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