City grand jury indicts Meighan in July hit-and-run

Thomas L. Meighan Jr., who is facing automobile manslaughter charges in connection with the October hit-and-run death of a Johns Hopkins University student, was also indicted by a Baltimore City Circuit Court grand jury last month on 14 other counts related to a hit-and-run incident from July.

An arraignment is scheduled for next week, even though the indictment, which supersedes earlier traffic charges filed in the city's District Court, does not yet show up in public records because of a filing lapse. A requested copy of the document was sent to The Baltimore Sun on Tuesday by the city's State's Attorney's Office.

Police claim Meighan, a serial drunk driver, rammed into a compact car carrying several people in Northwest Baltimore on July 31, then fled. He was arrested with a blood-alcohol level of 0.09, according to charging documents; the legal limit is 0.08.

The grand jury indictment charges Meighan, 39, with crimes including driving recklessly, negligently and while under the influence of alcohol; driving a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in "serious bodily injury" and failing to render assistance or alert police. He was also charged with driving an uninsured vehicle that didn't have an ignition interlock device to prevent drunk driving. The state's Motor Vehicle Administration ordered that Meighan install such a device in February 2007.

Meighan faces similar charges, along with automobile manslaughter, stemming from two alleged hit-and-run incidents Oct. 16, one of which took the life of 20-year-old Miriam Frankl, who was struck while crossing St. Paul Street near Johns Hopkins University. He is scheduled to be arraigned on all of the charges Dec. 17.

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