Look for Baltimore speed and red light cameras at three dozen new spots

Motorists in Baltimore will soon find speed and red light cameras at three dozen new locations. Most will be new cameras added to the city system, though some existing cameras will be moved to new places, officials said Monday.

The city’s transportation department announced Friday that it was expanding its camera network. On Monday, the agency provided some additional details about the plan.

“Most of these locations will be monitored with new cameras, but some of the older cameras may be transferred to new sites in order to provide additional enforcement efforts,” said an agency spokeswoman, Kathy Dominick.

There are now 41 speed cameras and 52 red light cameras activated around the city, Dominick said. The new cameras will be activated on Aug. 13.

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh relaunched the city’s traffic camera program last June. The network of speed and red light cameras issued about $25 million in fines last fiscal year, which ended last month, officials said Monday.

The speed cameras issued about 385,000 fines of $40 each, totaling $15.4 million. The red light cameras issued 126,000 fines of $75, totaling $9.4 million.

This is the city's third traffic camera program. In the first two, cameras issued erroneous tickets. A Baltimore Sun investigation in 2012 revealed problems, including tickets issued to cars that were moving slowly or stopped altogether.



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