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Business booms for Fells Point restaurant after owner allegedly receives death threat over anti-Trump poster

Rosalyn Vera nearly sold out of her Mexican street food — tamales, tacos and tortas — on Saturday, a day after she spoke out about a death threat she allegedly received for hanging an anti-Trump poster inside her Fells Point restaurant.

Vera said she was going to stay up late to prepare more food after three times as many customers as usual crowded Cocina Luchadoras at 253 S. Broadway.

“We broke a record today,” Vera said shortly before closing Saturday. “The outpouring of the community and the love has been really nice. It’s been a really busy day today.”

Vera reported to police threats she said she got from a man who called her business twice Thursday threatening to harm her and burn down her restaurant if she did not take down the poster that shows an image of President Donald Trump with a message in Spanish that roughly translates to “Donald, you are stupid.” It’s one of several similar ones inside the restaurant that are critical of Trump’s policies or pro-immigration.

According to a police report, officers responded and took information from the caller identification on her phone. Vera said she has not received an update from police.

Vera, who opened Cocina Luchadoras about a year ago, said people across Baltimore have been supportive, although she said she received another threatening call Saturday. She said she put the caller on speaker and responded by telling the caller she had only love in her heart.

Among the customers Saturday was a representative of the mayor’s office who came to check on her, leave a business card and urged Vera to call if she needed support. City Councilman Zeke Cohen also stopped by.

“After criticizing President Trump my friend Rosalyn had her life threatened,” Cohen wrote on Twitter. “Today I went to @CocinaLuchadora to support her. Our diversity makes Baltimore beautiful. Our right to free speech makes America great. I stand with Rosalyn.”

Others also spoke out on social media against the threats Vera says she received.

“Not that I needed an excuse but I'm swinging by @CocinaLuchadora this weekend to show support after some jerk threatened the owner,” one woman wrote on Twitter.

Another said, “This kind of hate has no place in our City. I urge everyone to go to @CocinaLuchadora soon and support Roslyn's business. I know I will.”

Vera called the outpouring beautiful.

“The support from the community has been amazing,” she said.

She said she has no intention to take down the anti-Trump poster, and she has no regrets for speaking out.

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