Suspicious package found at Baltimore courthouse to be tested, fire official says

Traffic was closed around the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in downtown Baltimore during Tuesday evening rush hour while hazmat units investigated a report of a suspicious package.

Roman Clark, a spokesman for the fire department, said the call had come in around 5:40 p.m. Units responded shortly afterward, and police blocked all westbound traffic on West Fayette Street at the 100 block of N. Calvert St. Hazmat crews could be seen putting on protective white clothing and face masks before they entered the building.

Initial tests found the package did not contain hazardous materials, but crews confiscated it to conduct further testing, said Clark. He said there have been additional reports of suspicious packages in the area with a return address of an area correctional facility. Clark said it wasn’t known whether the sender actually was incarcerated.

“Apparently there’s been something going on where there’s been some suspicious packages being mailed out around the Baltimore County and surrounding area, and this is another incident of the exact same thing that we’ve been hearing about,” said Clark.

No injuries and no respiratory problems were reported by anyone in the vicinity of the package, said Clark.

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